Terms of use of the Lahdes website, self-service portal, apps and other websites owned by Lahdes

Terms and abbreviations used in the Terms

    1. Lahdes - Lahdes SIA, unified registration number: 40203183826, registered address: 34 Saulgožu Street, Riga, LV-1055; Email Address: lahdes@lahdes.com.
    2. User - the person who visits or uses Lahdes services, Lahdes website, apps or Lahdes websites, and access data. The user is also the customer.
    3. Customer - a natural or legal person, or another legal entity that has applied for Lahdes service, receives and/or has concluded a contract with Lahdes.
    4. Lahdes website - www.lahdes.com.
    5. Lahdes service - Lahdes customer portal app.lahdes.com, which gives customers the opportunity to visit Lahdes website:
      • view and pay bills
      • to grant and withdraw consent for the processing of personal data,
      • access your personal data on Lahdes
    6. Lahdes Account - Access account created at Lahdes website, which is linked to a specific Lahdes client profile.
    7. Lahdes main user - Lahdes user with full rights and access to all Lahdes sections within their account, as well as manage their contact data.
    8. Lahdes websites - all Lahdes websites: Lahdes website lahdes.com and self-service app.lahdes.com.
    9. Access data - password, PIN, customer-registered email address for access to self-service portal Lahdes.
    10. Cookies - small text files created by a website that are transferred to the user's device (computer, smartphone, tablet) browser when a website is visited. They help the site remember the user settings (such as language, font size, etc., display settings) with which the user chose to view the site.

General terms

    1. These Terms of Use define the terms and functionality of use of the Lahdes website, self-service portal Lahdes, applications and other websites owned by Lahdes. Specific terms and functionality for the use of certain Lahdes web sites / applications may be specified on specific websites / applications.
    2. The user enters his / her personal data into the self-service portal or by selecting the appropriate application on the home page (or on one of Lahdes websites) and in the application. Information on personal data protection and protection is provided to the User in the Privacy Policy available here.
    3. The use of the Lahdes website, Lahdes, as well as other Lahdes web sites and apps shall be deemed confirmation that the User:
      • is an adult with legal capacity
      • is fully familiar with the Terms of Use and agrees to them.
    4. To take full advantage of all Lahdes websites and apps, we recommend using the following web browser and mobile operating systems:
      1. Internet browsers
        • Google Chrome (60.0.3112.113 or later)
        • Safari (9.0 or higher)
        • Mozilla Firefox (52.0 or higher)
        • Internet Explorer (11.0 or higher)
        • Opera (47.0.2631.55 or later)
        • Edge (17 or higher)
      2. Mobile operating systems
        • Android iOS (6th or later)
        • iOS (11th or later)
    5. Lahdes websites and apps are Lahdes property. The information on all Lahdes websites and apps (including design, text and software code), as long as it does not refer to other sources and owners, is Lahdes property and its use is permitted only in accordance with its purpose and Lahdes instructions. It is forbidden to use the information published on Lahdes website on other websites or other means of dissemination or storage of information without the permission of Lahdes. Unless otherwise stated, all copyright on the published information and its contents is in Lahdes. If you wish to use the published information, please contact Lahdes via lahdes@lahdes.com.
    6. Lahdes is entitled to unilaterally change the content of Lahdes web sites and apps at any time.
    7. Lahdes web sites may contain links to third party websites. Lahdes does not assume any responsibility for the design, updating of content and authenticity of third party websites, as well as for any loss or damage resulting from the use of the text links on the Website. Third party websites have their own usage and personal data protection rules, for which Lahdes is not responsible. Transfer to external links is the responsibility of the User.Available service fees on Lahdes Internet sites for private individuals are included in the value added tax (21%), for legal entities service charges are shown without value added tax.

Special Terms of Use for Lahdes

    1. To use Lahdes, you need an Internet connection and equipment that meets My Lahdes software compatibility requirements, which may change from time to time. In order to use the Lahdes application, the User must install it on his / her device, making sure that his / her equipment is compatible with the mobile app's software.
    2. The Lahdes Account is created for the User who is the customer on the basis of his registration form and the User is granted access data.
    3. User creates password according to recommended criteria:
      • password must be at least 9 characters long
      • must contain at least 1 capital letter (A-Z), 1 lowercase letter (a-z), 1 digit (0-9) and 1 special character (@,!, *, # etc).
    4. If the User forgets the password, it is restored as follows:
      • by clicking the Forgot password link in the connection
      • entering your email address to receive a new password recovery link
      • Entering the phone number and entering the verification code received in the SMS
      • entering a new password that will be used for authorization in Mans Lahdes in the future.
    5. The user can log in to his Lahdes account using the online banking authorization.
    6. The password assigned to the user is confidential. The User undertakes to ensure that the username, PIN and password are not available to any other person, undertake not to disclose the username, PIN and / or password to other persons, and to take the necessary steps to prevent other persons from using the Lahdes user or to know the password. It is not recommended for the user to save the password in his browser and in the note blocks, but if he does so, he is fully responsible for the actions resulting from the use of the password thus stored.
    7. Lahdes has the right to send all notifications to the customer via the Lahdes self-service portal.

Information about cookies

    1. Cookies are used to provide convenient and full-fledged use of Lahdes websites.
    2. Lahdes uses cookies to:
      • ensure the functionality of Lahdes web sites and customize their User Usage habits (including language, search requests, content discussed above);
      • get statistics about the page traffic (number of visitors, time spent on the page, etc.);

User rights and obligations

    1. Launching the use of Lahdes websites is a confirmation by the User that the User is familiar with the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use of Cookies, and undertakes to comply with them throughout the use of Lahdes websites.
    2. It is the responsibility of the user, within the framework of the use of the Lahdes web sites, to choose secure Internet providers, including WiFi access points that provide security for the User's data and do not pose a risk of unauthorized access to the data by third parties.
    3. The User is responsible for all actions and their consequences, including the actions of any other third parties performed using the Lahdes access data provided to the User.

The rights and duties of Lahdes

    1. Lahdes is not responsible for the permanent access to the Lahdes Internet sites and the possibility to use them if the User's Internet connection service or the terminal equipment used does not comply with the technical requirements for the use of Lahdes websites.
    2. Lahdes is entitled to discontinue the operation of the Lahdes web sites or individual sections thereof, if necessary for the development or upgrading of these sites.
    3. Lahdes undertakes to identify the User in accordance with the Terms of Use.
    4. Lahdes is the data manager of the Lahdes website, the Lahdes portal, apps and Lahdes sites, and provides services to the User in accordance with these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
    5. Lahdes provides confidentiality for the User.
    6. Lahdes is not responsible for any damage or disruption in the operation of the Lahdes web sites if they are caused by damage, malfunction in the User's equipment, User's e-mail configuration or congestion, use of inappropriate or unlicensed equipment or software, power failure or User Equipment mismatch conditions.
    7. Lahdes is not responsible for any losses incurred during the improvement, prevention or improvement of the Lahdes network and the Lahdes website.
    8. Lahdes shall not be liable for losses incurred by the User if a third party connects and / or uses Lahdes through the User Access Data.
    9. To ensure that Lahdes websites and apps work, Lahdes has the right to update their software.

Closing of Lahdes account

    1. Lahdes will stop offering services and close Lahdes account to a User:
      • upon receipt of the User's written submission;
      • if the provision of services to the User has ceased and there is no other cooperation basis for access to Lahdes in force with the User;
      • if there is a legitimate concern about the unlawful use of Lahdes by the User or another person or unauthorized access of other access parameters to other persons. In the case referred to in this paragraph, Lahdes shall have the right to partially or fully restrict access to certain or all Lahdes services without prior notice;
      • if the User violates these Terms of Use.
    2. Upon termination of the Lahdes Account, the User Account shall be closed, the User's data from the Lahdes Account shall be deleted and the User shall no longer have access to the information, except for those data whose purpose of processing derives from other User's obligations or if there is another legal basis for storing the data.

Payment Order

    1. The use of Lahdes websites is free of charge.
    2. For the services of third parties and certain payments and paid services provided by Lahdes, the User shall pay in accordance with the specified service fee and settlement procedure.

Other terms

    1. Lahdes websites are available online 24 hours a day. Temporary interruptions to the operation of these sites related to maintenance, servicing and improvement of the systems are permissible.
    2. Information about Lahdes current events, including offers available to the User, is displayed on the Lahdes website, as well as on Lahdes portal or other Lahdes sites or apps. Additional information, including in relation to services, may also be provided to the contact information provided by the User, such as e-mail, telephone.
    3. Lahdes has the right, without prior notice to the User, to change the amount of services and information available to the User on Lahdes Internet sites and apps, functional and visual solutions, as well as to provide the necessary content and technical improvements necessary for functional needs and the User's overall wishes.
    4. Lahdes has the right to amend these Terms of Use at any time. Changes to the Terms of Use, if any, apply to the use of Lahdes web sites and applications, including the services provided and the follow-up to these sites. Continued use of the website and the app is a confirmation that the User is familiar with the amendments to the Terms of Use and other changes to the services provided and undertakes to comply with them.
    5. Lahdes is not obliged to retain the previous version of the Terms of Use.
    6. The Customer has the opportunity to report a problem, error or omission on any of Lahdes Internet sites and / or apps by writing in chat on weekdays between 10:00 and 19:00 or by sending an email to lahdes@lahdes.com.