How Lahdes service works?

A brief overview of the service steps to deliver the document to the addressee.

Sūtītājs šifrē dokumentus


The sender encrypts the documents

The sender requests the public key of the Lahdes recipient and encrypts the documents. Once the document has been encrypted, it is sent to the Lahdes.


Lahdes notifies the recipient

Once the documents are received the recipient is being notified with the help of email and/or text message.

Lahdes apziņo saņēmēju
Adresāts veic lejupielādi


Recipient downloads the document

Recipient logs in Lahdes and begins the document download. The document gets decrypted in the browser.

Options for identity verification

For a simplified flow of identity verification for the recipient, Lahdes provides internet bank authentification (certain regions), SmartID and personal ID verification.

Technology overview

Lahdes implements end-to-end encryption. Only the sender and recipient can gain access to the contents. That means that even we can not access the contents.

The tactics we use behind our service are:

All documents are encrypted by the sender and delivered to the recipient in an encrypted way (OpenPGP)

The recipient decrypts the document with his private key when the document reaches recipients browser

All personal information is being stored in an encrypted way (AES-256-CBC)

Personal identification number is stored as a hash (SHA-256)