Frequently Asked Questions

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How does Lahdes differ from e-mail?

Lahdes delivers encrypted documents to the recipient whose identity is verified by KYC tools.

How is Lahdes different from registered letters?

Additionally to the identification of the recipient, Lahdes provides instant delivery and verification of integrity of documents that were delivered.

Who can access my documents?

Only the sender and the recipient of said document.

How the identity is being verified?

Lahdes utilises variety of approaches to verify the identity. The common ones are internet bank integration, SmartID, Latvian eID cards and online document verification.

What is the price for Lahdes service?

Just like with regular mail, the sender covers the delivery cost which is 0.40 EUR.

Can I opt out of receiving documents in Lahdes?

Yes, of course. Lahdes is designed to allow recipients to save time. If we have not been able to create a service to make you feel comfortable, we would be happy to hear the reasons.

How will I get a notification about the new documents?

For each received document we deliver a text message and email to the recipient during the hours 8:00 - 20:00, unless the recipient has specified differently.

What kind of information is stored in Lahdes?

We store in an encrypted way first name, last name, and contact information. The personal code is stored as the non-decryptable hash.

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