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Lahdes eases the circulation of documents, abiding to GDPR requirements and facilitating detailed reports.

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Simplified document correspondence with a detailed summary

GDPR compliant

Unlike traditional methods such as e-mail, Lahdes solution ensures compliance with the data protection regulation (EU 2016/679). The documents to be forwarded are only available to the sender and the addressee, eliminating the risks of unauthorized access.

Atbilstība GDPR prasībām

Integration possibilities

The solution is designed to provide automation by integrating Lahdes API into existing enterprise CRM solutions, as well as individual access to the document management panel for company authorized persons.

Integrācijas iespējas

Detailed logs

Lahdes provides companies with the necessary audit data on the documents sent, the recipients, the fact of receipt and the digital signature of the data sent, which serves as proof of the content of the documents sent.

Detalizēta uzskaite


With OpenPGP public keys for document encryption, documents sent can only be opened by the recipient and the
sender. It provides privacy that is not available with documents sent by email.


Recipient identification

Lahdes provides identification of recipients by delivering documents to the selected recipient. Transmission of documents takes place using a personal code, eliminating the risk that the recipient will not be reached because of a change of residence.

Adresātu identifikācija

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A price that matches the result

Lahdes will charge a service fee when the recipient has downloaded the document. It allows you to use Lahdes in parallel with existing solutions without risking unnecessary expense.

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