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Simple document signing, identity based recipient verification and elegant electronically signed document search.

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Why Lahdes?

New solution for existing processes to simplify, organize and speed up your document management.


We spend too much time in customer lines waiting to sign the documents or receive registered mail. All these processes can be speed up with digital solutions which are available to everyone. Document sending and signing for all parties involved takes less than couple of minutes.

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Emails can be sent to wrong recipients and you can never know who has seen it. With Lahdes you can be sure that recipient is the one who is supposed to receive the document and additional security measures prevent unauthorised access.

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Stay up to date with the lifecycle of the documents you send. Recipients receive text message and email. In case they missed the notifications - they will be notified again. And you will be notified once they sign the documents you sent.

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What is Lahdes?

Lahdes simplifies and makes your document management a joyful experience. Instant notifications about your document activity, fast search for historically signed documents and ability to sign documents from any place in the world.

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Save your time

Lightning fast email and text notifications will notify the recipient immediately. And they will notify you once the recipient has signed the documents.

All in one place

Support for documents signed outside Lahdes.This gives simplified search and structure for your documents.

ID verification

All users of Lahdes carry out the verification of their identity by using customary tools - eID cards, Smart ID and other region specific identification solutions.

Proveable content

The content of all transfers is stored using the “digital signatures” of documents, to avoid conflict in litigation.

Always accessible

In contrast to registered letters, the content on Lahdes is accessible 24/7, no matter the location.


We’ll be able to help in case of uncertainty or complications with the usage of the service.

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