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Registered letters, documents, bills. No need to wait in lines and waste time to receive them. A solution has been created that is contemporary and easy to use.

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What is Lahdes?

Lahdes eases and simplifies the communication between two involved parties, accelerating and facilitating encrypted circulation of important documents.

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High security standards

All transfers are encrypted with the receiver’s and sender’s public key, ensuring that the involved parties can access the content.

All in one place

Transfers inside Lahdes are organised and the sent documents of each company can be found inside the corresponding “vault”.

ID verification

All users of Lahdes carry out the verification of their identity by using customary tools - internet bank or other KYC solutions.

Proveable content

The content of all transfers is stored using the “digital signatures” of documents, to avoid conflict in litigation.

Always accessible

In contrast to registered letters, the content on Lahdes is accessible 24/7, no matter the location.


We’ll be able to help in case of uncertainty or complications with the usage of the service.

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Properties of usability


Lahdes is not just a place where digital files are transfered. All files that are sent, are encrypted with the receiver’s and sender’s public key, ensuring that nobody - even the employees of Lahdes, can not access the content of the sent documents.

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The usage of Lahdes ir created to be as simple and handy as possible - all the received documents are organised by the sender and selected by date. It is a unified environment, where the important documents are compiled, maintaining high security preconditions.

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Messages sent to Lahdes addressee are delivered to the system using the recipient's personal code as an identifier. Afterwards the contact information provided by the recipient itself in Lahdes is used - a phone or email to receive notification of a received document.

In the event that the addressee has not yet entered his contact information in the Lahdes service, the contact information that is already available to the sender can be attached to the transferable document with in Lahdes.

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